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    Antique Ceramic Vase. Garden ceramics.

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    Antique Ceramic Vase. Garden ceramics.
    Antique Ceramic Vase. Garden ceramics. В наличии
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    Old-style Greek Vase from ecological material - chamotte. 

    Exquisite vase. Vintage ceramic pot, made of fireclay. 

    Chamotte ( fireclay ) - this is a refractory material, which is obtained by the thermal treatment of kalinic clay.

    The figures of fireclay allow you to save the optimal amount of moisture and temperature for the root system of the plant.
    Such an amphora will be a great addition to the landscape design of your garden.
    But the main advantage for which those who are engaged in landscape design so love and appreciate them is a POROUS CAPILLARY STRUCTURE.

    Fireclay products do not miss:

    - no heat (fireproof material),
    - nor frost (the product does not crack by frost).

    Proportions: Height 65 cm | Diameter 38 cm or  height 25,6 inch | diameter 15 inch

    Imagine how this vase decorates your country garden, closes empty spaces and just pleases the eye.

    Our production is in Ukraine Эмодзи 🇺🇦 ВКонтакте . We are ready to cooperate with foreign companies. 

    Write your suggestions by e-mail: makcstadium@gmail.com or whatsapp +380660178568


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